STEM Resources

Here you can find curated resources to explore more about selected bioSTEM topics.

Genetic Engineering

DNA Extraction

The DNA in your cells holds all the information that makes you you! Our BioIgnite students extracted DNA from plant cells, and you can repeat the experiment at home using these instructions. Or complete the experiment virtually and learn more about the procedure using this virtual lab.

Human Genome Project

There are tens of thousands of genes in the human genome. The Human Genome Project is an ambitious endeavor to learn more about all these genes by mapping the genome. Learn more using this interactive tutorial.

Genes and Disease

Genetics dictate your biology when you’re healthy, but when things go awry, genetics can also cause certain diseases. Learn about genetic diseases, ranging from sickle cell disease to Alzheimer’s disease, here.

NIH Resources

Can’t get enough genetic engineering? See this extensive list of additional resources from the National Institutes of Health.

Regenerative Medicine

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Researchers are developing ways to engineer cells and biomaterials to replace damaged and diseased tissues in the body. Learn more about this exciting field and examples of ongoing research funded by the National Institutes of Health here.

Clinical Trials

Potential drugs and therapies that are developed in the lab have to pass many tests before they become approved for general use. Learn more about the process of how a treatment is translated from “bench to bedside” in these interactive tutorials.

Careers in Biological Engineering

Interested in what it takes to become a biological engineer? Learn about what types of jobs are available, hear stories of inspiring biological engineers, and learn what paths you can take towards this career in this resource from the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering.  



Sending Signals

BioIgnite students learned that neurons send signals using action potentials that travel down the axon. If you want to get a deeper understanding of how the chemistry behind this works, check out this tutorial about action potentials and many others related to neuroscience.

Brain Imaging

Use the Harvard Whole Brain Atlas to view MRI and CT images of both normal and diseased brains. These include stroke patients, alzheimer’s disease patients, and multiple sclerosis.

Sheep Brain Interactive

BioIgnite students saw a sheep’s brain in a jar. Check out this neuroanatomy tutorial to see what the different parts of a sheep brain look like when dissected.

Neural Circuits

Build a virtual neural circuit using this fun and interactive website. Be sure to watch this short tutorial first!